Carrie's Winter Blast Workout:

2 minutes of jump rope, jumping jacks, or running (cardio)

10 Burpees

12 Front Squats

14 Push Ups

16 Lateral Lunges

18 Butterfly Sit Ups

*Goal is to work up to 4 rounds of these exercises. If you did this workout twice a week for two weeks, you could start small by pushing through 2 rounds on day one. Add a round each time until you reach 4. 


Carrie's Full Body Maxx Out:

Perform each movement for 60 seconds straight, pacing yourself adequately. Take a 30 second rest before beginning the next movement:

1. Power Mountain Climbers (feet outside of elbows)

2. V-ups/Sit ups

3. Shoulder taps (plank position)

4. Squats

5. Pushups (from plank or knees)

6. Lunges (Alternate legs, can modify to jumping lunge for extra burn)

7. Half Burpee (from plank position, jump feet forward, then back to plank)

8. Bicycle crunches

9. Up downs (Half burpee + popping up into a jump)

10. Star Jumps

11. Hip Dips (From forearm plank)

12. Ice Skaters

13. Superheroes (From your stomach, lift and lower legs and arms)

14. Plank reach (From forearms, reach one arm forward, switch out arms back and forth)

15. Full Burpees 

*Too easy? Can you do a second round for 30 Secs on, 15 secs off?