Intro to throwing:

Covers proper arm form and footwork, the essentials to keeping your arm healthy. 

Intro to fielding ground balls:

Covers your basic stance and approach along with tips on mastering the forehand and backhand (lateral) movements while fielding. 


A 612 Original– Hand-Eye Coordination Drills:

Easy to do indoors! 15-20 reps per drill. 


Soft Hands Fielding Practice:

Easy to do indoors!


Quick Feet:

This video focuses on quick lateral movement when fielding.

*You will notice a difference in the style of the throws these players are making. This is how players at a more advanced level will often make a throw to second from short stop. 


Ladder Drills (Agility & Fielding):

A fun way to mix up your old fielding routine! Don't have a ladder tool at home? Masking tape on basement floors works great ;)