Basic Mechanics:


How to start your motion (beginners):

This quick clip will introduce 3 different styles of motions that can be used to start your pitch. 


Creating a smooth and aligned arm circle:

Circles against a wall can easily be done indoors. You could release a squishy ball or some balled up socks if you have the space. You could also grip a towel and focus on strong snap at the bottom of your arm circle.

Sock drill should be practiced outdoors ;)


Excellent example of a proper K drill with perfect release:


Leg drive and keeping on your line:


Arm circles on your knee:

*Video by Hoemke coming soon!

This drill will help to continue keeping our weight back and shoulders stacked with our back leg.


Staying "stacked" (Great drill to prevent lunging)

This drill will also help to keep your weight back and shoulders stacked over your back leg. 


Leg Work (Intermediate-Advanced):


Developing stronger push off with your legs:

You can play with balance on this one. If simply lifting your non-push off leg off the ground a bit is challenging your balance, start there. As your push off leg strengthens, you can experiment with swinging your leg back like you see in this video for more challenge and to continue increasing strength in your push leg.

This video is a slight variation from the last that requires a lot of energy to get up out of your low starting stance. 


Stride Leg-Kicking up and out:

Mostly an area of focus when we are outside.